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Stories Written by Women

Once a hero killed the villain The hero and heroine had a happily ever after The

You’re Not Okay! And That’s Okay

Have you ever tried to hug yourself? C’mon, give it a try! Take your right arm
photography series

Tales of Edinburgh: A Street Photography Series

I took this travel and street photo narrative series on a short trip to the Scottish
Potato and other poems

Potato’s Trade Off and Other Poems

Ebbs and Flows  I see them red, slimy  I had to whack one,  to make believe
Who Am I?

Who Am I? Bloom and Thorns

Who am I? Am I a party lover or a philosopher?A painter one day, a writer on

The Generation That Is

We’re a generationWhose palms wear skins of gadgets,Leaving eroding imprintsOf crumbling creativityBlotted in stains ofVenom- black

What’s Love Gone Wrong: An Analysis of Amrita Pritam’s Poem ‘Ajj Aakhan Waaris Shah Nu’

A story of love torn apart by wars between nations, or stories of gut-wrenching pain. It
Qala film mad-woman trope

Investigating the Mad Woman Trope in Anvita Dutt’s Film Qala

Anvita Dutt’s directorial venture, ‘Qala,‘ is a multi-layered period film. Its beauty lies in the combination

Because She is a Woman

Do you remember when you said,“It was her clothes”?Your daughter looked down upon herself,And mourned her
What My Perfect Sunday With My Lover Would Look Like

A Perfect Sunday With My Lover

A fine Sunday morning…i wake up next to you. Time has slowed down for us. We
Respite artwork


I write to feel a little or to feel a little less. Waiting for the chaos
Photograph by No Way Out

No Way Out

TW: Child Abuse He came into my life when I was just a little girl I
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