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Excerpts from The Suicide Pact

Excerpts from the Book ‘The Suicide Pact’: India’s 13 Reasons Why Meets The Fault in Our Stars

#YoungAdultFiction The Suicide Pact is a confessional journal of a young girl in a boarding school …

Why I Love Reading Classics

Why I Love Reading Classics

In this personal essay titled “Why I Read Classics,” the author discusses the works of Jane …

Book Review of "The Spy: A Novel About Mata Hari"

Book Review of The Spy: A Novel About Mata Hari

Author: Paulo CoelhoPublisher: Vintage InternationalYear of Publishing: 2017 “I am a woman who was born at …

Retelling of a Popular Story: The Luncheon

Rewriting ‘The Luncheon’ by William Somerset Maugham

This piece is a retelling of “The Luncheon,” the iconic short story by William Somerset Maugham. …

Innocent: Sometimes the Murderer is the Victim

Written in Hinglish, ‘Innocent’ is an engaging courtroom drama about a man who kills his wife …

Genetricks: A Short Story

Set in 34th Century Mumbai, Genetricks follows Junior Officer Savitri Bigule from the Mumbai Genetic Crimes …

India to Pakistan: An Analysis of 2 Powerful Short Stories

From India to Pakistan: An Analysis of 2 Powerful Short Stories

Story One: Ismat Chugtai’s Lihaaf About the Author  The celebrated masterpiece ‘Lihaaf’ by Ismat Chughtai is …


The Memory Police: A Book Review

August is celebrated in the literary world as Women In Translation Month, a much awaited time when book bloggers, publishers, passionate bookworms all get on board to talk about, promote and review works of translated.

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