Tales of Edinburgh: A Street Photography Series


I took this travel and street photo narrative series on a short trip to the Scottish capital. I was enthralled again by its mysterious magnetism. The characteristic grey tones of the buildings, the beautiful blossoms, and the wetness from the rain on the surface worked all together as inspiration for my photographs. Starting my walk in the castle, I went all the Royal Mile until the Holyrood Abbey and Palace, getting in the closes. I also visited the St. Giles Cathedral, and the Greyfriars Kirkyard (statue of Bobby outside) on the way.

Once I got to the Holyrood Palace, I went up to Arthur’s seat to see the stunning views, misty and worthy. The next day, I walked amused by the pleasing and quiet path of Water of Leith, stopping by the Instagram famous Circus Lane Street, and the delicious market of Stockbridge, to The Shore (reflections spotlights), and Newhaven (little port and cute lighthouse), once there I came back all the way to be wondered by the absolutely magical Dean Village, its known cemetery, and the delightful Modern Art Gallery to finish my walking day. Finally, on the last day before going back to Tenerife, I visited the Princess Gardens (that fountain!), and saw the impressive views from Calton Hill. And I bought some music books and CDs at the record store nearby! Edinburgh is a joy, no matter the rain, it’s just so inspiring. Carpe Diem


Artist Statement

Where am I as an artist? This is a question I like to ask myself every now and then. These days, I’m significantly influenced by ideas I need to talk about current issues. I’m into questions, and defending what I consider are valuable human rights we should not lose. I feel collage and video art are the art forms that can convey this concern. And I would like to start exploring installation too for these matters. I’m also into transmitting the message of the Latin phrase Carpe Diem. How? Showing my travel and street photo narrative! I have been to 51 countries, and I have a long wishlist!

Visiting new places opens so many possibilities. And it enriches my views as a person and as an artist. The main lesson that I have learned during these trips is that there is no unique way, there are many different lifestyles and options to live your life. However, at the same time, I have also realized we have more things connecting us than what makes us different. First, the best path to live life can be something for someone and a totally different one for another person. Every day I value more and more the local, the regional, and the differences between what I find new or exotic in these trips and what I’m used to or what I know back home. I feel the Western vision of happiness is a closed concept that we should reconsider. During my trips, I have also seen that even though we are different the most important things in life connect us. I have realized most human beings are beautiful souls with many good things to share with the world, and in fact, this picture I got through experiences is quite far from the image I get from the media about the world and its citizens. It makes me question “Why?”

So this is where I am as a person and as an artist right now.



Seigar is a passionate travel, street, social-documentary, conceptual, and pop visual artist based in Tenerife, Spain. He feels obsessed with the pop culture that he shows in his works. He has explored photography, video art, writing, and collage. He writes for some media. His main inspirations are traveling and people. His aim as an artist is to tell tales with his camera, creating a continuous storyline from his trips and encounters. He is a philologist and works as a secondary school teacher. He is a self-taught visual artist, though he has done a two years course in advanced photography and one in cinema and television. He has participated in several international exhibitions, festivals, and cultural events. His works have been featured in numerous publications worldwide. His latest interests are documenting identity and spreading the message of the Latin phrase: Carpe Diem. Recently, he received the Rafael Ramos García International Photography Award. He shares art and culture in his blog: Pop Sonality.


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