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What is the Blahcksheep?

We are a new wave multilingual publishing platform for unique, provocative, contrarian voices from across the world. For us, The Blahcksheep is not just a platform, but a community of misfits and rebels. We are proud of how we stand out in a crowd with our awkward sheepish identities. To hold our own in a sea of people is a rebellion of its own.

We are not news focused, rather views focused. We are interested in carrying pieces on how you perceive the world, instead of traditional journalistic pieces. We are keen on learning about the events that shaped you, and not the event itself.

We accept personal and professional essays, reflective pieces, opinions, experiments, long reads and all sorts of blahs. We encourage first-time writers and also celebrate previously unpublished works and rejected pieces.

If you identify as a blahcksheep, our website is a green pasture for you to come and linger on.


Pooja Bhatia, Editor, The Blahcksheep
Mansi Bhatia


Chandrima Chatterjee

Legal Adviser

Gangotri Hazarika Nath

Tech Check

Rahul Carpenter

Patron Shepherds

Pragya Tiwari
Girl Up India New
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