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Thoughts on Language, and I

Thoughts on Language, Questions, and ‘I’

I’ve started questioning a lot.  Not intellectual questions. Not political queries. Stupid questions.  Questions for me.
artwork for not all men by yuko-shimizu

Not All Men

It’s not all men But every single woman They say one bad apple  Can’t ruin a
Yuko Shimizu's artwork for The CTA of Death

The CTA of Death: How My Grandmother’s Death Changed My Perspective on Life

I love the song Seventeen Going Under by British artist Sam Fender. These particular lyrics really
writer's block

Writer’s Block

What happens when the writer’s block – that dreaded ennui of creative juices – becomes the
Sea Fret

Sea Fret and Other Poems

the sea can be terrible at times –  she baits me with her meddling pecks of

Pearl Earing 

The dawn breaks apart,  Seeing the skies drown in rain, Heart yearns to feel the dew,
A Lonely Monologue

A Lonely Monologue 

I stepped out of my house after a week, can’t say that I liked it, it


It was late at night, The pale crescent moon, Night shining clouds, Fire flies all around
Bitter Sweet Changes

Bitter Sweet Changes

Her breath tightened as she plummeted towards an unknown darkness. She knew she’d hit rock bottom

Is it ever enough?

Years of patriarchal trauma and guilt bitterness filling the vessel constantly sinking the feeling of trying
Two Waves

Two Waves

Two waves born; sunlight’s mercy and moonlight’s sin, we were two hearbeats  of the turquoise sea.
Enchanted in Spring

Enchanted in Spring

I have been living with lies Ever since I came into being. Lies I told myself
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