writer's block

Writer’s Block

What happens when the writer’s block – that dreaded ennui of creative juices – becomes the inspiration for a poetic outpouring? Would it be …

Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep and a Tale by Benvolio

Editor’s Note: The author’s experience is a powerful reminder of the perils of drunk driving, and a reminder to readers that this can have …

Sea Salted Caramel

Sea Salted Caramel

I came to the kitchenTo chop tomatoesBut my mother said,You dice them,Like rolling your fate across,A blank chalkboard,I was martyr before I was a …

Sea Fret

Sea Fret and Other Poems

the sea can be terrible at times –  she baits me with her meddling pecks of shells:  emulates the ceramic clocks, glazed by her …

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Pearl Earing 

The dawn breaks apart,  Seeing the skies drown in rain, Heart yearns to feel the dew, But my mind still chained in refrain. Cause …

A Lonely Monologue

A Lonely Monologue 

I stepped out of my house after a week, can’t say that I liked it, it was overwhelming for me to be out in …

The Debutante, An Animation Film by Elizabeth Hobbs

Here’s All You Need to Know About Elizabeth Hobbs, Director of the 2023 Oscar Shortlisted Animation Film – The Debutante

Elizabeth Hobbs celebrates Carrington’s riveting story ‘The Debutante’ with an inventive artistic style of ink, paint and collage; accompanied by an evocative score from composer Hutch Demouilpied.  What has your creative journey been like?I didn’t know much about animation when …

Miss Prediction

Miss Prediction’s Terrible But Well-Meaning Astrology Advice Column*

Are you tired of the same old boring advice from those other astrology columns? Well, you’re in luck! Miss Prediction is here to give you some seriously terrible but well meaning advice that you should definitely (not) follow. Here’s what …

Bottle Episodes, scene from Community

7 Best Bottle Episodes in TV History

Our all-time favourite bottle episodes in tv history. Tell us about yours too? Write to us on theblahcksheep@gmail.com and we’ll feature you in our list. The art of storytelling on television often involves expansive and elaborate plots, but sometimes, the …

Yash Arora, Producer

On Being a Film Producer, Burnouts and Underbelly of Bollywood: Meet Yash Arora, The Creative Producer behind 75 Ads 

Producing is the art of managing people and egos”, says Yash Arora, a film producer based out of Burbank, California. He’s worked on creative projects with Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Microsoft, One Plus, and Nestle among many others. What enticed you to …

Lonely boy by thew black Keys

Meet Derrick T. Tuggle, the original Lonely Boy from the viral Black Keys song

Security Guard turned actor and musician, here’s Derrick T. Tuggle’s story after dancing in one of The Black Keys’ most iconic songs.  If you know of The Black Keys, chances are you have seen the official music video of ‘Lonely …

a picture of joey soloway at the TIFF, 2016 Masterclass

What is the Female Gaze? 5 Brilliant Insights from Joey Soloway’s TIFF Masterclass

Every few months, I revisit this talk on the Female Gaze by Joey Soloway and it never fails to pump me up! Here are five insights from their masterclass and much more. Joey Soloway (previously Jill Soloway) is an American television creator, …


New Age Journalism: An Inside Look at The Reporters Collective and the Future of Reporting in India

The Reporters’ Collective (TRC) is a multilingual, multimedia investigative journalism collective that produces deep-dive reportage. TRC, co-founded in 2020 by two journalists Nitin Sethi and Kumar Sambhav, seeks to report the unvarnished truth and hold those in power accountable without …

Ria Sen at United Nations

A Conversation with Ria Sen: An Expert in the United Nations Shares Her Journey and Insights

Ria Sen works in emergency preparedness at the United Nations (UN), where she contributes to delivering a global mandate. She has worked with various UN organizations like the UNDP, UNDRR and UNESCAP for almost a decade. She is currently working …

Interview with Ankit on his Love for Miniature Paintings and why he Started 'Niraamish'

Discover the World of Miniature Paintings: An Exclusive Interview with a Dedicated Enthusiast

Apart from the aesthetics, I got interested in miniature paintings because of the historical and political questions related to them. I wanted to know why artists painted the Gita Govinda? Or why Muhammad Shah Rangila commissioned a pornographic portrait? Or …

Workshops X The Blahcksheep

Workshops x The Blahcksheep

We’re doing four exciting workshops this April. Curated by passionate instructors across diverse fields, these workshops offer a fun way to learn (and unlearn) while making new friends. Combining theory with doing, all our sessions are interactive and collaborative. The …

Blahcksheep Recommends

The Blahck Sheep Recommends

Our top picks featuring the best of produce and people.

Blahcksheep Rejects

Blahcksheep rejects

A celebration of previously rejected and unpublished pieces.

Court poster

Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court (2014): A Postmodern Critique of the Indian Judicial System 

This essay on Chaitanya Tamhane’s film ‘Court’ was published by Film Companion in September last year …

https://www.pexels.com/@apasaric/ The Mummy Shop

The Mummy Shop

This short story ‘The Mummy Shop’ was rejected by BOMB magazine. She pulled the plastic tightly …

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Honey and Ashes 

This intimate piece about reminiscing and grief titled ‘Honey and Ashes’ was rejected by the ‘Electric …

Path Makers

Path Makers

Path Makers by The Blahcksheep is a weekly interview series featuring people that make and shape a country.

Readers Recommend List #2

Readers’ Recommend List #2

The ‘Readers’ Recommend List’ is a community-curated listicle of must-reads, handpicked by our passionate readers. Hey there book lovers! We took to our Twitter to find out what books you’re …

Excerpt from Hidden Faces

An Excerpt from Hidden Faces: A Compelling Non-Fiction Account of Early-Stage Recovery

Hidden Faces is a story based on real events. It follows Jasmine through her journey after a suicide attempt and the death of her friend. Falling into substance abuse, her …

Grazing Corner

Showcasing first time writers and fellow blahcksheep whose nouveau ideas need to be herd.


It was late at night, The pale crescent moon, Night shining clouds, Fire flies all around not too loud, In …

Bitter Sweet Changes
Bitter Sweet Changes

Her breath tightened as she plummeted towards an unknown darkness. She knew she’d hit rock bottom soon. It was inevitable. …

Bhumika Bhatia
Is it ever enough?

Years of patriarchal trauma and guilt bitterness filling the vessel constantly sinking the feeling of trying to call out for …

Two Waves
Two Waves

Two waves born; sunlight’s mercy and moonlight’s sin, we were two hearbeats  of the turquoise sea. We shall die, die, …

Enchanted in Spring
Enchanted in Spring

I have been living with lies Ever since I came into being. Lies I told myself about me – Every …

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Blue and Purple

Standing in front of the mirror, she hides with make-up, blue and purple marks on her face. Remnants of brutality, …



‘Phite Andharache Jale’: A Soulful Marathi Song’s English Translation for Music Lovers

#Marathi #Translation Shridhar Phadke (born September 9, 1950) is a well-known Marathi music composer from …

Bhikhari Thakur

Bhikhari Thakur: The Shakespeare of Bhojpuri Literature

“Bhikhari Thakur’s works highlight the hardship of the individual in search of work, home and …

Don’t Yuck My Yum

Dont Yuck My YUM

Let the world in on your guilty pleasures and quirky interests.

Brown and Feminist? Not a Mindy Kaling!

Brown and Feminist? You Must be Mindy Kaling! A Rant.

It rankles when people compare me to Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey the moment they see me. I revisited Chimamanda …

Courting through Covid: A Confession

The Ups and Downs of Courting through Covid: A Personal Confession

You can also read this piece in Marathi here. There seemed to be an inexplicable tendency to deny one’s presence …


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