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Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court (2014): A Postmodern Critique of the Indian Judicial System 

This essay on Chaitanya Tamhane’s film ‘Court’ was published by Film Companion in September last year … The Mummy Shop

The Mummy Shop

This short story ‘The Mummy Shop’ was rejected by BOMB magazine. She pulled the plastic tightly …

Honey and Ashes 

This intimate piece about reminiscing and grief titled ‘Honey and Ashes’ was rejected by the ‘Electric …

One Nation One Product: How to Revive Craft-based Livelihoods in India

This topic is close to my heart. I believe craft-based livelihoods have the potential to stabilise …

Bhunja Ki Dukaan

Bhunja ki Dukaan: An Exploration of Bihar’s Rich Food Culture and Gender Politics

This piece was rejected by other publications and platforms that found it “interesting but not good …

A Pandemic of Pretense

A Pandemic of Pretense: How We Are Facing a Crisis of Authenticity

This piece “A Pandemic of Pretense” was rejected by The Print, The Wire and Jacobin. Humanity …


Meditations on Grief and Loss

Rejected by The Hindu and Scroll, “Grief” journals the author’s grieving process after she lost her …

What Braving a Pandemic While Living With HIV Looks Like

The Challenges Faced by HIV Patients during COVID

Report based on interviews with HIV/AIDS patients in India Note from the author: I wrote this …

Black Smoke

Black Smoke

This short story ‘Black Smoke’ has been previously rejected by two platforms. When Miriam Caldwell was …

Before daylight

Before Daylight

This piece was rejected by Midnight Magazine, a literary magazine. I found myself helplesslyMaking out figures …

Caste and the Workplace: The Need for Corporates to Recognize Caste

Caste at the Workplace: Why Corporates Need to Recognise Caste

Editor’s Note: This research article on the need for corporates to recognise caste at the workplace …

Caught in a Cubic Case of Cheating

Caught in a Cubic Case of Cheating

(This piece was rejected by Modern Love, Huffpost Personal, LongReads, AGNI and more…)

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