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When in Accra, Don’t Drink Lukewarm Milo from a Street Vendor

My best friend Charlotte was living in Accra, Ghana during her third year of university –
Namaskar, Jazzmine

Namaskar, Jazzmine

“India?” The fall season had arrived, and I found myself amidst a crowd of bright-eyed graduates
Travel Tips

Off The Road: Six Solo Travel Tips from Koval Bhatia

Filmmaker & Founder of A Little Anarky Films, Koval is also the producer of feature documentary
Photograph in Larabanga by Jazzmine Raine

The Stars of Larabanga

My eyes squint as they meet the afternoon sun. It’s been a full day of traveling
why you shouldn't send your kids to florida

Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Kids to Florida

Everybody remembers their first time. I had been to Florida before, closer to the age of
Hotel Kannadi Food Culture of Small Towns in India

Hotel Kannadi Kadai: Come Experience the Food Culture of Small Towns in India

My childhood memories are made of lots of curd rice and mangoes (a kickass combination by
Peas Kachories

Grandma’s Pride: The Making of Peas Kachoris

My childhood memories are entangled with the distinct aroma of my grandmother’s special home-cooked Peas Kachoris
Palate Trekker Ep 3: A Table in the Hills

Meet Aditya Malhotra of the Palate Trekker

Inspired by Anthony Bourdain, Globe Trekker and Chefs Table, Palate Trekker is all about flavours, food,
A person pouring a glass of wine

Fine Wines Under ₹2k

Is wine your favorite beverage? Are you planning to start with wine or are a wine
Palate Trekker

Sommelier Aditya Malhotra Opens Up on His Journey

“There was a complete lack of respect for my profession amongst my friends” Long ago, much
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