A Perfect Sunday With My Lover

A fine Sunday morning…i wake up next to you. Time has slowed down for us. We make our breakfast. Slow dancing in the kitchen. The brewing ginger tea making things even spicier.

We watch our cat play around, and our houseplants sway in joy. The curtains are half drawn, perfect for just enough sunlight to let in. I read you my favourite book while The Beatles is softly playing in the background. You rest your head on my shoulder, our fingers interlocked, you look into my eyes, I look into yours…we’re looking at the stars.

Melting into each other; not just the bodies but the souls too. Tearing open our hearts, showing the wounds and vulnerabilities. And gently kissing the parts where it has hurt the most. You kiss my forehead, and wipe away all my worries. You kiss my eyes, and I see the beauty of the world. You kiss my hands, and the creases go away. You kiss my lips, and promise me a forever.

The sky is slowly changing its colours with the setting sun and the rising emotions. The dusk has faded into the dark. We turn on the warm yellow lights, snuggled up on the couch, cozy cuddles, sloppy kisses, watching The Office and laughing till our tummy hurts.

The city is moving on just like any other day, but we are frozen in our very own moment. I’m closer to happiness than I’ve ever been. If this is not love, I don’t know what is!

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Srushti Jagtap

Srushti, a current B.Tech student, hails from Pune, where she was born and raised. As a vintage soul thriving amidst the chaos of the contemporary world, she finds joy in discovering the intricacies of people, places, and their unique narratives. Her passions encompass photography, event hosting, reading, and sporadic writing.


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