No Way Out

TW: Child Abuse

Photograph by No Way Out
Photograph by Rahul Sharma

He came into my life when I was just a little girl

I was happy and young, and then he changed my world

One night I was in bed, and he came to say goodnight

Except he took a little longer, before he turned off the light

I didn’t know what was happening

For I was a little sapling

I felt I had done something bad

I felt lonely and sad

So here i am stuck forever

I just want to scream and shout

But there is something you have to know

That for me, there is no way out


Shilpa Sachdeva

Shilpa is a mentor who empowers teachers, educators, and change-makers by leveraging storytelling. She is passionate about writing and expressing her thoughts and ideas.

Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a visual artist  who aspires to explore the emotions prevailing in the world through his photographs . His photography focuses on discovering abstract expressions of beauty and positivity in the natural world. 

Artist Statement

“Feminism to us is to bring us closer to a society with no gender inequality.  We really look forward to a society in which everyone can choose to take on roles they fit best in, not ones they are pressured into. It also liberates both men and women from social pressures. We do our bit by publishing photo stories and expressing our views to raise awareness on social issues prevailing around us.”


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