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The Universe Conspires

The Universe Conspires

Meet me, somewhereIn the middle of nowhereAnd we’ll talkAbout the sun and the moonAnd the stars,
Time Table

Time Table

8 am, you wake up with the feeling inside your bones that something is going to
Bhagya Prakash K

Killer Kites: Is Makar Sankranti a Placid Festival?

The beginning of longer days and cerulean sky, marking the passing of the winter solstice. With
Live-In Relationships

Being in a Live-In Relationship During the Pandemic

You can read the Gujarati translation of this piece by Aarohi Vaidya here. The author details


It was 8:30 in the night, the smell of Maggi that was cooking in the kitchen
Painting by Filip Odzierejko

Nothing Much

In Indian weddings and birthdays, it is common to see a person dressed up as any
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