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photography series

Tales of Edinburgh: A Street Photography Series

I took this travel and street photo narrative series on a short trip to the Scottish
Democratic Manifesto

A Democratic Manifesto: Understanding Governance, Society and Creativity in the Early 21st Century

More than flawed governanceMore than political parties juggling responsibilities In the aftermath of a disaster, in proximity
Louise Bourgeois art, maman

 Louise Bourgeois: Art is a Guarantee of Sanity

“She was neither Apollonian nor Dionysian, neither a true ego-inspired Duchampian conceptualist nor an id-dominated Pollockian

The Liberating Gaze: Sylvia Sleigh’s Bold Rendition of the Nude

Nudity has long been a subject of debate, entangled with notions of fetish, character, and morality.
artwork for not all men by yuko-shimizu

Not All Men

It’s not all men But every single woman They say one bad apple  Can’t ruin a
The Pearl of Freedom artwork by Manpreet

The Pearl of Freedom: A Precious and Hard-Won Treasure

Artist Statement: Freedom is a concept that has been cherished by human beings for centuries. From
to the man who stole my skin

To the Man Who Stole My Skin

On the days when I sleep under your eyelids, I dream. I wash my crumbling face
The Killing of Time

The Killing of Time 

M is for mundane;  as much as a Monday could possibly be,  this slow dripping of
My Art is a Confession

My Art is a Confession

I confess to South Sudan,where I would meet Ibrahimwho would then tell me about the muralsthat
akhil bandhu ghosh

Bengali Song ‘O Dayal Bichar Koro’ Comes to Life in English Translation: A Must-Listen for Music Lovers

#Translation #Bengali #Music #Lovers ‘O Dayal Bichar Koro’ was written by Pulak Bandopadhyay, and sung by

One Nation One Product: How to Revive Craft-based Livelihoods in India

This topic is close to my heart. I believe craft-based livelihoods have the potential to stabilise
Brown and Feminist? Not a Mindy Kaling!

Brown and Feminist? You Must be Mindy Kaling! A Rant.

It rankles when people compare me to Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey the moment they see
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