Not All Men

artwork for not all men by yuko-shimizu
Artwork by Yuko Shimizu

It’s not all men

But every single woman

They say one bad apple 

Can’t ruin a tree

As the roots lay rotting 

Caged yet free 

Keys between our knuckles

Pepper spray in our bags

‘Don’t smile at him!, 

He’ll think you’re easy,’

True, yet sad. 

A look at your legs,

A stare on the bus

A hand too close to your shoulder


A must 

Our bodies aren’t ours

An object of voyeuristic pleasure

From which they gather great amusement

As our agency and self-respect 


We’re told to ignore them 

To not care

To go about with our lives

Even though no one stopped him

Then and there 

It’s not all men

But every single woman 

Has been paralyzed with fear

At the intentions in their eyes

Standing far too near 

Putting coats over our dresses

Forcing the tears inside our eyes

Because if it’s not all men,

Then why does going outside

Feel like a fight to survive?

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Disha Raju

Disha is a student who has a passion for writing and sharing her thoughts with the world. What sets her apart as a black sheep is her outspokenness. She has frequently been advised to occupy less space, both as a woman and as a human being. However, she firmly believes that true progress cannot be achieved by waiting for others to assign her a place. She understands that making a difference entails carving her own path and smoothing the road to equality for others.


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