Author: Shazia

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

I am of love and roots and everything in between. As the yellow ochre of the …

to the man who stole my skin

To the Man Who Stole My Skin

On the days when I sleep under your eyelids, I dream. I wash my crumbling face …

Sea Salted Caramel

Sea Salted Caramel

I came to the kitchenTo chop tomatoesBut my mother said,You dice them,Like rolling your fate across,A …

My Heart is a Pallindrome

Her Heartbeat is a Palindrome

I am a woman who,  Isn’t a woman,  Half woman, whole liar,  Half poetry, whole halves,  …



I am Dostoyevsky’s midnight fever, And Whitman’s lakeside rambles. I am Van Gogh’s washed brush tip,  …

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