The Universe Conspires

The Universe Conspires
Photo by Johanna Walderdorff / for NBC News

Meet me, somewhere
In the middle of nowhere
And we’ll talk
About the sun and the moon
And the stars, and how
They lined up in perfect positions
Took their places in just the right spots
Of this infinite space
For us to be here
In this twisted web
This venomous mess
This treacherous maze

Tell me how
It was all meant to be and how
The universe conspired against me.
Against you. Against us.
Tell me that the air was chilly that night
The candles flickered just the right amount and every gush
Of wind pushed you towards him with the force
Of a million storms against your meek defence
Tell me it was cold, and you forgot your jacket
Like you always do, and you had
Nowhere to go but his arms
That swallowed your frame
Like an anaconda its prey
And you were helpless against the force
Of the heavens and hell, and everything in between

Tell me the crickets in the garden
Sang love songs as he undressed you
Tell me his touch on your skin felt
Like rose petals on a white sheet
And the pale moonlight illuminated
Your bodies as if the Gods wanted to watch

Tell me how the lines on his forehead
Were etched like ancient poetry
Scribbled in some mystical script
Prophesying this night and
Him and you
And love and lust
And desire and dilemma
And betrayal.

Aayush Prasun

You can know more about the author on Instagram at @aayushprasun


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