Tiredness & Comparisons: Poetry for the Real You

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There’s so much we talk about,

Yet you wouldn’t see,

Anyone saying it openly,

How tiredness has seeped into their bones…

There’s so much we talk about,

Yet its the most underrated of beings.

It’s not just physical,

Tiredness has so many diversities…

Remember thinking of taking that break?

The one you constantly keep putting off,

For another day,

For another week,

That vacation you desperately need,

Or just sometime to sit quietly,

Have that piece of cake,

To shut your mind,

That peace you seek…

There’s so much we talk about,

Yet tiredness is the most underrated of beings.

We are ourselves to blame,

For we let it get so bad,

Looking for validations,

Knowing no one would know,

The tiredness that has seeped into your bones.

* * *


In a world full of comparisons,

Finding a person,

That stays real,

Is as rare,

As Bismuth crystals…

You can look around you,

You may search far away,

Finding a person,

That’s real,

Is as rare,

As finding snow in May…

Being true to yourself,

Is what matters the most,

Finding faults in others,

Won’t get you any rest.

So let the judgements aside,

Be who you decide,

Nobody lives your life for you,

They’ll only keep you away,

From being the real You.

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Aroshee M Gandhi

A free spirit who likes writing on varied things like quotes, poems and articles. A bachelor degree holder in Journalism and Mass Communication. Aroshee is a teacher by profession and a writer and social worker by passion. She writes for several social media platforms and websites. She is the author of Inherited Wings and numerous other anthologies. She wants to be a part of the blahcksheep to share her views and reach a wider audience.


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