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The Night We Ate A Dragon & Other Poems

My brother was scared of the charred nostrilshe said he saw another universe insidewe made him

i hate the world on most days

i am trying to cut down on sugar and stay away from emotionally unavailable men what
the harvest

The Harvest

She opened her eyesand there was wonder all around They loved her tiny limbsgrew proud of

Wildflowers are Just Humans in a Parallel Universe

See those tiny, colourful blooms sitting unbothered on the peaks? Yeah, the ones growing between the

 The Final Judgement

everything the female body is, wants to be, and cannot be // everything the female body
Respite artwork


I write to feel a little or to feel a little less. Waiting for the chaos
Photograph by No Way Out

No Way Out

TW: Child Abuse He came into my life when I was just a little girl I
Thoughts on Language, and I

Thoughts on Language, Questions, and ‘I’

I’ve started questioning a lot.  Not intellectual questions. Not political queries. Stupid questions.  Questions for me.
artwork for not all men by yuko-shimizu

Not All Men

It’s not all men But every single woman They say one bad apple  Can’t ruin a

Maa, I Love You

Sometimes when I am happy, I forget to write; I haven’t written in two months. Come
A Letter to Draupadi

সময়-যাত্রীর ছদ্মবেশ ধারী দ্রৌপদীকে একটি চিঠি

#Translation #Bengali You can read the original poem in English by Ananya Aneja titled ‘ A Letter to
A Letter to Draupadi

A Letter to Draupadi Disguised as a Time Traveller

You can now read this piece in Bengali here, brought to you by our first-time translator Aadrit
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