It was late at night,

The pale crescent moon,

Night shining clouds,

Fire flies all around not too loud,

In the quiet night sky,

On a trek hill, not too high,

Jensen on his left knee onto the ground,

  With delight in his eyes,

  Pulled out a velvety ring box

              from his pocket,

             And said, Scarlett!

             I’m in love with you…

The twinkling stars that stretched to infinity,


This duo sensed affinity, below;

One shooting star that fell right above her,

Under whose glint,

Scarlett’s cheeks, were found on red tint,

Joy of tears, welled up in her eyes,

Butterflies in her stomach,

Clutches at her heart,

And whatnot!!

She picked him up, and asked

Will I get a forehead kiss every morning?

He out of elation, was outpouring

And said, I promise…

They spent years and years together,

And were 80 altogether,

It was dawn,

Dew drops on the lawn,

The golden beam of sun’s rays,

Fell on the windows,

The early chirpers, on the pile of hay,

Cocoon, sparrows, tailor and crows,

Jensen with his walking cane,

Also with his varicose veins,

Stood by Scarlett,

Kissed her on the forehead,

Though it was her eleventh hour,

That “love” is forever….

IMG 20230215 WA0033

Sahana Sahayaraj

Sahana is pursuing her second year in Visual Communications from Madras Christian College. 


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