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Stories Written by Women

Once a hero killed the villain The hero and heroine had a happily ever after The

Why Do Women Neglect Their Thyroid Despite Greater Risk?

Women are 5 to 8 times more likely to have thyroid disorders, and postpartum thyroiditis affects

Are Women Lifelong Liabilities, Raised for Captivity?

“I finally saw myself through my parents’ eyes: a lifelong burden they have carried, which they
To Collect Women

To Collect Women

This personal essay titled, ‘To Collect Women‘ was rejected by numerous magazines and websites because it

Female Genital Mutilation and the Obsession with Female ‘Virginity’

As the masses continue to question significant gender gap issues and successfully address the majority of
The legacy of forgetting

The Legacy of Forgetting

In my family, the men’s legacies resound louder. The stories from back home, wrapped in gleaming butter
I said no to dupatta, artwork

I Said ‘No!’ to Dupatta 

Clothes are a lot more than just articles covering our bodies. They are a state of
A Cup of Tea: Iluustration by Shubhshree

Abouts and Doubts: A 4-Part Series on the Complexities of Adulting

Prologue: It’s getting late I was slipping on my sandals for work, like I do every
Hilma af Klint

The Proposal

Neha looked at the setting sun from the window of her apartment on the seventh floor.
cinematic ode to women

Cinematic Ode to Women: A Review of The Eternal Daughter and Tar

The Eternal Daughter: Returning to a hotel now haunted by its mysterious past, an artist and
How to Lady-Wank in Public Spaces

चारवटा सार्बजनिक स्थानहरु जहाँ नारीले यवन आनन्द लिन सक्छे: एक व्यापव्यापक गाइड

#Translation #Nepali #LadyWank (without being caught) You can read the original piece in English titled “4


कोई आज़ाद पंछी नहींना ही उसका कोई पंख मैं तो वह छत पर बंधेतार पर टंगा
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