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5 predictions that the third wave got right

5 Predictions “The Third Wave” Got Right

What the future looked like in Alvin Toffler’s The Third Wave and how he got most …

a picture of joey soloway at the TIFF, 2016 Masterclass

What is the Female Gaze? 5 Brilliant Insights from Joey Soloway’s TIFF Masterclass

Every few months, I revisit this talk on the Female Gaze by Joey Soloway and it …

Ria Sen at United Nations

A Conversation with Ria Sen: An Expert in the United Nations Shares Her Journey and Insights

Ria Sen works in emergency preparedness at the United Nations (UN), where she contributes to delivering …

Interview with Ankit on his Love for Miniature Paintings and why he Started 'Niraamish'

Discover the World of Miniature Paintings: An Exclusive Interview with a Dedicated Enthusiast

Apart from the aesthetics, I got interested in miniature paintings because of the historical and political …

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Language Lessons Right Now

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Language Lessons Right Away

In this Recommends piece, our Editor-in-Sheep, Pooja Bhatia reviews her favourite film Language Lessons. Language Lessons …

The Religion Podcast

The Religion Podcast

The Religion podcast by The Blahcksheep (TBS) in association with The Unredacted is an attempt to …

Be My Eyes: An App

Be My Eyes: An App that Helps You See the World Better, Together

‘In this Recommends piece, Pooja Bhatia, Editor, The Blahcksheep introduces you to ‘Be My Eyes,’ a …

In Conversation with the Founders of Rocky Books

The journey of creating Rocky Books as co-founders and with our illustrator Arpita has been fun …

I am not a witch

An Interview with Somnath Waghmare on His Documentary Film ‘I Am Not a Witch’

“I see myself as a researcher and an activist filmmaker. Filmmaking is a painful process for me.”

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