Before Daylight

This piece was rejected by Midnight Magazine, a literary magazine.

Before daylight
Gaze of Dawn by Erin Hanson

I found myself helplessly
Making out figures in the dark all alone
As the wave of dusk comes rushing in
Devouring the once vibrant hues into monotone darkness.
The unlit space that once existed as a room for two
Remaining vacant for one alone is not enough.
And in this silence,
His voice echoes inside the four chambers of my hollow heart
Growing louder with each persistent heartbeat.
I will fall adrift into the cold air
Blowing me with powerful passion
to the other half of my whole
Travelling senselessly on all hours of the night
Before I rise to face this kiss of dawn
Facing the reality of my solitude in a sea of souls.
And when dusk returns again
Denying the earth from all its light,
The pursuit for the lost knight continues
Before daylight breaks
For as long as my heart remains divided.



Aesyah is a university student from Malaysia who aspires to hopefully become a journalist someday. She has always found herself being the odd-one-out. People have thought of her as being shy and quiet, when in reality her mind is brimming with thoughts, ideas and inspiration. In certain circumstances, when people feel the need to bring her down in lieu of expressing her feelings curtly, the pent-up anger fuels her work, helping her become the writer she aspires to be. Some might say this makes her weak. However, she knows in her heart that what she is doing is courageous and unique to herself. This is what makes her a blahcksheep.


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