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Pakistani Drama on Child Marriage - May Ri

This Pakistani Drama on Child Marriage Upends the Patriarchy, Liberates All Women

“Kyu hum aurton ko taleem lene se rokte hain?” asks Annie during her graduation day speech.

Don’t Let Him Take Away Your Laugh

This is a tale of a meeting between two dreary, scrawny, fairly old women on a
the watchmaker

The Watchmaker

It was July, and the last of the warm Gulmohur shards scythed the sultry Delhi air
India Post

India Post, a Partition Project

India boasts one of the world’s most robust postal services, historically rivaling the Royal Mail, that

Faraway Delhi

Delhi calls. It calls in low hums and wheezing breath, and people go. Half asleep-half awake,
Artwork by Chitra Vaidya


Nasreen threw herself on the floor and yelled, “What made you leave?” “How will I feed
A Cup of Tea: Iluustration by Shubhshree

Abouts and Doubts: A 4-Part Series on the Complexities of Adulting

Prologue: It’s getting late I was slipping on my sandals for work, like I do every
Hilma af Klint

The Proposal

Neha looked at the setting sun from the window of her apartment on the seventh floor.
life of simpio

Life of Simpio: The AI That Questioned Existence

In 34th century Mumbai, the Indian Robotics Division creates an AI – called Simpio – modelled
Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep and a Tale by Benvolio

Editor’s Note: The author’s experience is a powerful reminder of the perils of drunk driving, and
https://www.pexels.com/@apasaric/ The Mummy Shop

The Mummy Shop

This short story ‘The Mummy Shop’ was rejected by BOMB magazine. She pulled the plastic tightly


I met her three times before she vanished from my life. Not only from my life,
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