Meet Aditya Malhotra of the Palate Trekker

Inspired by Anthony Bourdain, Globe Trekker and Chefs Table, Palate Trekker is all about flavours, food, beverage, people and conversations.

What is the Palate Trekker?

In a world of battling ideologies, Palate Trekker is on a mission to connect us all, tapping into our shared passion for food and drink. Based on four principles of Flavours, Philosophy, Exploration and Technique, each episode of Palate Trekker revolves around food and wine pairing. The goal of Palate Trekker is to explore extraordinary flavours around the world and suggest the most perfect wine to go along with it.

Aditya Malhotra, adventurer and Certified Sommelier, AKA Palate Trekker is providing a refreshing and authentic south Asian perspective to the exploration of complex flavours. His platform is dedicated to the education and evaluation of never-before-seen food and wine pairings, with an open and attainable approach to wine drinking that touches on philosophy, heritage, and humanness. In each episode, Palate Trekker purveys all cuisines accessible, leaving room for eventual expansion of the series, with the hope to get more people to drink wine!

We asked Aditya about the concept behind the platform. This is what he had to say:

Since food and wine pairing is more subjective than scientific, we first meet chefs and owners, and understand their art before interviewing them. We showcase chefs, cooks, and farmers who each represent a unique and previously unexplored cuisine, explore markets alongside them, understand their history, philosophy and technique; and then carefully pair wines with foods of a particular region and discipline.

On his love for wine pairings:

After working in the food and beverage industry alongside renowned sommeliers and hoteliers, I’ve come to find an unavoidable elitist nature within the modern concept of wine. When in-fact, wine is supposed to be drunk with food, friends, and even by itself without any need for ceremony. You can watch this candid video of Aditya democratizing wine for The Blahchcksheep:

Here’s three of our favourite episodes of Palate Trekker:

Episode 1- The Pilot

Shot in New Delhi, Aditya cooked a spaghetti Carbonara with a Pinot Noir pairing from Corsica followed. This was followed by cooking a plant based meal at a Permaculture farm in New Delhi run by his dynamic, music producer friends. The meal, which was shared with four others, was paired with white wine. Two of the guests mentioned at the start of the day that they dislike white wine but were completely blown away by the wine and the food, making them fans of white wine in the end.

Episode 3 -Table in the Hills

This is shot in stellar South Goa with Chef Avinash Martins who owns and runs the restaurant Cavatina (name inspired by a jazz piece that took his breath away during his time in Spain). Avinash’s motto in life is “local heart, global soul.”

Indulge in a gastronomic paradise at “Table in the Hills” in South Goa. This enchanting experience starts with a visit to a local farm, followed by rustic Goan cuisine prepared by a talented chef. Impeccably paired with exquisite wines, each dish tells a story of tradition and culinary artistry. Enjoy the serenity of the hills, sip on self-brewed Cashew Feni, and immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors, all while surrounded by nature’s beauty. Don’t miss this exceptional culinary journey celebrating tradition, wine, and the joy of indulgence.

Episode 10 – Takoba

In Episode 10 of the show, the team explores the vibrant world of “Takoba,” a restaurant known for serving the most mouthwatering Mexican cuisine in India. The kitchen is expertly helmed by Chef Ben, while Owner Tally takes charge of the bar. One can’t help but be fascinated by their custom-built Barbacoa oven, which plays a starring role in the episode.

The culinary adventure unfolds as they savor delectable Tacos, Barbacoa, Tostadas, and Tamales, all accompanied by four exquisite wines—1 White, 1 Rose, and 2 Reds—each with its own captivating personality. Adding to the excitement are special guests, including a psychedelic music producer, a reggae musician, and of course, the passionate chef and owner.

You can watch other episodes of the Palate Trekker on his Youtube channel here.

More about Aditya

Aditya, our Livestock Rearer is a voracious eater, alcohol enthusiast, certified sommelier and risk taker. You can read more about his personal and professional journey here.

Aditya has a passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, football, theater, and improv. He has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, having worked with several 5-star luxury hotels in India and earned certifications in wine and beverage management. During his time in California, Aditya excelled in wine studies, becoming a certified sommelier and gaining valuable experience as a Wine Director and Manager at DOSA Fillmore. He holds the acclaimed O-1 Visa, granting him the freedom to experiment and explore wine pairing with spice.

Returning to India during the pandemic, Aditya continued to hone his skills while trekking in the Himalayas. He later ventured back to New York, managing restaurants and serving as a sommelier at various establishments, including The Pierre Hotel and The Canoe Place Hotel in Hampton Bays. Currently, Aditya thrives as the Restaurant Manager and Sommelier for Cafe Chelsea at The Hotel Chelsea in New York City. With his dynamic background and love for diverse cuisine, he is continuously seeking new opportunities to excel in his field. He has travelled extensively for Palete Trakker, shooting segments in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in North East India and Oaxaca city in Mexico.

You can read earlier pieces by Aditya for The Blahcksheep here.


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