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Hara House, India's First Zero Waste Guesthouse

It Took a Village to Build India’s First Zero Waste Guesthouse

Hara House was a zero waste guesthouse and social enterprise investing 20% of profits into local

Finding Jagatpura: My Welcome Back to India!

“For me, that day lives forever. The constant fuel of inspiration for my work with young
Divine Mother Artwork

The Divine Mother: Rediscovering Travel as a New Mom

The room is still dark. The automatic blinds had been triggered at some point while I
Wandering among clouds, hills

Wandering Among Clouds, Hills and Everything in Between

This personal essay “Wandering Among Clouds, Hills and Everything in Between” was rejected by Live Wire.

When in Accra, Don’t Drink Lukewarm Milo from a Street Vendor

My best friend Charlotte was living in Accra, Ghana during her third year of university –
Travel Tips

Off The Road: Six Solo Travel Tips from Koval Bhatia

Filmmaker & Founder of A Little Anarky Films, Koval is also the producer of feature documentary
australia travel column - Whitsundays

When in Australia, Be a Nude Farmer

How did I end up here? Well, I was broke. I had four weeks left in
Photograph in Larabanga by Jazzmine Raine

The Stars of Larabanga

My eyes squint as they meet the afternoon sun. It’s been a full day of traveling
why you shouldn't send your kids to florida

Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Kids to Florida

Everybody remembers their first time. I had been to Florida before, closer to the age of
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