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Don’t Let Him Take Away Your Laugh

This is a tale of a meeting between two dreary, scrawny, fairly old women on a
the watchmaker

The Watchmaker

It was July, and the last of the warm Gulmohur shards scythed the sultry Delhi air


Which music class aunty teaches English songs? Everyone knows I don’t go to music class now.

Faraway Delhi

Delhi calls. It calls in low hums and wheezing breath, and people go. Half asleep-half awake,
Assumptions Artwork

Assumptions: A Tale of Shattered Legacy, Honor and Revenge                                            

This short story “Assumptions” delves into the chilling descent of a son into the depths of
Artwork by Chitra Vaidya


Nasreen threw herself on the floor and yelled, “What made you leave?” “How will I feed
Hilma af Klint

The Proposal

Neha looked at the setting sun from the window of her apartment on the seventh floor.
life of simpio

Life of Simpio: The AI That Questioned Existence

In 34th century Mumbai, the Indian Robotics Division creates an AI – called Simpio – modelled
i rise in flames

I Rise in Flames

Up and down, in a gentle rhythm, goes the chest as she whistles through her tiny
https://www.pexels.com/@apasaric/ The Mummy Shop

The Mummy Shop

This short story ‘The Mummy Shop’ was rejected by BOMB magazine. She pulled the plastic tightly


I met her three times before she vanished from my life. Not only from my life,

Genetricks: A Short Story

Set in 34th Century Mumbai, Genetricks follows Junior Officer Savitri Bigule from the Mumbai Genetic Crimes
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