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Hara House, India's First Zero Waste Guesthouse

It Took a Village to Build India’s First Zero Waste Guesthouse

Hara House was a zero waste guesthouse and social enterprise investing 20% of profits into local

Finding Jagatpura: My Welcome Back to India!

“For me, that day lives forever. The constant fuel of inspiration for my work with young
Divine Mother Artwork

The Divine Mother: Rediscovering Travel as a New Mom

The room is still dark. The automatic blinds had been triggered at some point while I

When in Accra, Don’t Drink Lukewarm Milo from a Street Vendor

My best friend Charlotte was living in Accra, Ghana during her third year of university –
Namaskar, Jazzmine

Namaskar, Jazzmine

“India?” The fall season had arrived, and I found myself amidst a crowd of bright-eyed graduates
australia travel column - Whitsundays

When in Australia, Be a Nude Farmer

How did I end up here? Well, I was broke. I had four weeks left in
Photograph in Larabanga by Jazzmine Raine

The Stars of Larabanga

My eyes squint as they meet the afternoon sun. It’s been a full day of traveling
why you shouldn't send your kids to florida

Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Kids to Florida

Everybody remembers their first time. I had been to Florida before, closer to the age of
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