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the harvest

The Harvest

She opened her eyesand there was wonder all around They loved her tiny limbsgrew proud of
A Cup of Tea: Iluustration by Shubhshree

Abouts and Doubts: A 4-Part Series on the Complexities of Adulting

Prologue: It’s getting late I was slipping on my sandals for work, like I do every


रेज़गारी, समय,  प्रेम, अभिलाषा  पड़े हैं कहीं पतलून की साइड जेब  या कमीज़ की सामने वाली


यह उसके लिए जो अकेला है कि अकेले तो सभी हैं हम दो हमारे दो में
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