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This 17th Century Text is a Must Read for Every Feminist

Aphra Behn, one of the first major woman playwrights, cleverly rewrites the masculine-dominated Restoration comedy into a drama of female empowerment in ‘The Rover,’
the harvest

The Harvest

She opened her eyesand there was wonder all around They loved her tiny limbsgrew proud of her staggered walk She didn’t know who they
Pakistani Drama on Child Marriage - May Ri

This Pakistani Drama on Child Marriage Upends the Patriarchy, Liberates All Women

“Kyu hum aurton ko taleem lene se rokte hain?” asks Annie during her graduation day speech. This question echoes through the alleyways of the
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Stories Written by Women

Once a hero killed the villain The hero and heroine had a happily ever after The villain was buried in deep guilt or was
Hara House, India's First Zero Waste Guesthouse

It Took a Village to Build India’s First Zero Waste Guesthouse

Hara House was a zero waste guesthouse and social enterprise investing 20% of profits into local community development projects in the Bikaner region. Between
Duhsala, the Kaurava Daughter

The Kaurava Daughter

“And what can I say about my life that was a footnote in history? Was it any different from Satyavati or Kunti? Were my
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Meet Prerna Jain: An Indian Trailblazer Making her Mark in STEM in America

#WomenInSTEM As a Senior Translational Scientist at Tempus Labs, Prerna is currently specializing in analyzing cancer patient data to support oncology drug development. Having worked previously as a graduate research assistant at Brown Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology, Prerna’s work
Miss Prediction

Miss Prediction’s Terrible But Well-Meaning Astrology Advice Column*

Hey blahcksheep, we’re on Substack now. Subscribe here. Are you tired of the same old boring advice from those other astrology columns? Well, you’re in luck! Miss Prediction is here to give you some seriously terrible but well meaning advice
The Party

Inside Sally Porter’s Party

Here’s a Cillian Murphy film you might’ve missed out on! Film Synopsis: Janet hosts an intimate gathering of friends in her London home to celebrate her political ascension. After her acerbic best friend and others arrive, some with dramatic news
Born in Belgium, Geordy Couturiau is an actor and director, known for La flûte enchantée (2022), Lucienne Eats A Car (2018) and Les Thibault (2003). His short film Lucienne dans un monde sans solitude (2021) is now streaming on Mubi. We sat down with Geordy after his film screened at the AFI Film Fest in Los Angeles in 2022.

In Conversation with Réalisateur Geordy Couturiau

Born in Belgium, Geordy Couturiau is an actor and director, known for La flûte enchantée (2022), Lucienne Eats A Car (2018) and Les Thibault (2003). His short film Lucienne dans un monde sans solitude (2021) is now streaming on Mubi.
We’re always on the lookout for emerging talent, so we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most interesting actors, directors, screenwriters and photographers from Los Angeles you need to know about. 

10 Artists from LA to Watch Out For

We’re always on the lookout for emerging talent, so we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most interesting actors, directors, screenwriters and photographers from Los Angeles you need to know about.  Claudio Aluzzi Claudio is a Mexican-Italian actor and artist
Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion’s Remarkable AI-Generated Opening Credits

The opening sequence receives backlash from fans, but here’s why we love it. Also, read to find out the reason behind director Ali Selim’s deliberate usage of AI for the show. Unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you
Season 6 Black Mirror

Black Mirror Season 6 Departs from its Essence, Feels Off-Brand

The show is undergoing a deliberate rebranding because technology is finally at par with Charlie Brooker’s imagination. In its first five seasons, the acclaimed anthology series Black Mirror established itself as a dystopian show set in a futuristic timeline that
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5 Must-Watch Films from South Asia that Tackle Gender-based Violence

In this listicle, we present 5 remarkable South Asian films that tackle the pervasive issue of gender-based violence. From Bangladesh to Pakistan, India to Sri Lanka, these films delve deep into societal complexities, offering a transformative viewing experience that drives
The Debutante, An Animation Film by Elizabeth Hobbs

Here’s All You Need to Know About Elizabeth Hobbs, Director of the 2023 Oscar Shortlisted Animation Film – The Debutante

Elizabeth Hobbs celebrates Carrington’s riveting story ‘The Debutante’ with an inventive artistic style of ink, paint and collage; accompanied by an evocative score from composer Hutch Demouilpied.  What has your creative journey been like?I didn’t know much about animation when
Bottle Episodes, scene from Community

7 Best Bottle Episodes in TV History

Our all-time favourite bottle episodes in tv history. Tell us about yours too? Write to us on theblahcksheep@gmail.com and we’ll feature you in our list. The art of storytelling on television often involves expansive and elaborate plots, but sometimes, the

Blahcksheep Recommends

The Blahck Sheep Recommends

Our top picks featuring the best of produce and people.

Blahcksheep Rejects

Blahcksheep rejects

A celebration of previously rejected and unpublished pieces.

To Collect Women

To Collect Women

This personal essay titled, ‘To Collect Women‘ was rejected by numerous magazines and websites because it
Wandering among clouds, hills

Wandering Among Clouds, Hills and Everything in Between

This personal essay “Wandering Among Clouds, Hills and Everything in Between” was rejected by Live Wire.
Court poster

Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court (2014): A Postmodern Critique of the Indian Judicial System 

This essay on Chaitanya Tamhane’s film ‘Court’ was published by Film Companion in September last year
Path Makers

Path Makers

Path Makers by The Blahcksheep is a weekly interview series featuring people that make and shape a country.

Readers Recommend List #2

Readers’ Recommend List #2

The ‘Readers’ Recommend List’ is a community-curated listicle of must-reads, handpicked by our passionate readers. Hey there book lovers! We took to our Twitter to find out what books you’re
Excerpt from Hidden Faces

An Excerpt from Hidden Faces: A Compelling Non-Fiction Account of Early-Stage Recovery

Hidden Faces is a story based on real events. It follows Jasmine through her journey after a suicide attempt and the death of her friend. Falling into substance abuse, her

Grazing Corner

Showcasing first time writers and fellow blahcksheep whose nouveau ideas need to be herd.

Who Am I?
Who Am I? Bloom and Thorns
Who am I? Am I a party lover or a philosopher?A painter one day, a writer on others.Am I a reader
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The Generation That Is
We’re a generationWhose palms wear skins of gadgets,Leaving eroding imprintsOf crumbling creativityBlotted in stains ofVenom- black blood; We’re a generationThat
Tyeb Mehta 26
What’s Love Gone Wrong: An Analysis of Amrita Pritam’s Poem ‘Ajj Aakhan Waaris Shah Nu’
A story of love torn apart by wars between nations, or stories of gut-wrenching pain. It probably seems easier to
Qala film mad-woman trope
Investigating the Mad Woman Trope in Anvita Dutt’s Film Qala
Anvita Dutt’s directorial venture, ‘Qala,‘ is a multi-layered period film. Its beauty lies in the combination of exquisite visuals and
hermit crab
Because She is a Woman
Do you remember when you said,“It was her clothes”?Your daughter looked down upon herself,And mourned her beloved silk. When you
What My Perfect Sunday With My Lover Would Look Like
A Perfect Sunday With My Lover
A fine Sunday morning…i wake up next to you. Time has slowed down for us. We make our breakfast. Slow

Don’t Yuck My Yum

Dont Yuck My YUM

Let the world in on your guilty pleasures and quirky interests.

Brown and Feminist? Not a Mindy Kaling!

Brown and Feminist? You Must be Mindy Kaling! A Rant.

It rankles when people compare me to Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey the moment they see me. I revisited Chimamanda
Courting through Covid: A Confession

The Ups and Downs of Courting Through Covid: A Personal Confession

You can also read this piece in Marathi here. There seemed to be an inexplicable tendency to deny one’s presence


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