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Tiredness & Comparisons: Poetry for the Real You

There’s so much we talk about, Yet you wouldn’t see, Anyone saying it openly, How tiredness


Amma sits me on her lap And tucks my hair behind my ears Murmurs,  “Look Ammu


Hits hardest when it’s closest, literally or metaphorically.Clambering on the way,To what feels like normalcy.With every


कोई आज़ाद पंछी नहींना ही उसका कोई पंख मैं तो वह छत पर बंधेतार पर टंगा
Insta-Poetry: A Culture of Feelings

인스타 시- 감정 문화

#Translation #Korean You can read the original piece in English titled “Insta-Poetry: A Culture of Feelings”


There, done. Hands washed, cleaned, not satisfied the process is repeated again. This was the eleventh time,
The Duality between Faith and Extreme Religionity

The Duality Between Faith and Extreme Religionism

thousands and thousands of years ago  began an intricate system of faith  thousands and thousands of


How you spot me in every crowd  Is it written on my face I don’t fit

My Mother and I

October rushes inside with mourning petals, losing its freshness due to the shrill emptiness melting parallely

Of Broken Mirrors and Scarred Hearts

A Series of 4 Poems Trigger Warning: abuse, suicide, self harm (This could be traumatising or
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