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Maa Taught Me

માતાએ મને શિખાવ્યું છે

#Translation #Gujarati You can read the original poem in English by Saheen Rahman here. This is

ਓਫ ਸਟ੍ਰਾਬੈਰੀ ਲਿਪਸ ਐਂਡ ਲਾਏਜ਼

#Translation #Punjabi You can read the original poem in English by Vartika Pandey here. This is
writer's block

Writer’s Block

What happens when the writer’s block – that dreaded ennui of creative juices – becomes the
Sea Salted Caramel

Sea Salted Caramel

I came to the kitchenTo chop tomatoesBut my mother said,You dice them,Like rolling your fate across,A

Pearl Earing 

The dawn breaks apart,  Seeing the skies drown in rain, Heart yearns to feel the dew,

Women in Folktales, History, Myths

When the world first had life  running through its deepest sinews,  a man and a woman


रेज़गारी, समय,  प्रेम, अभिलाषा  पड़े हैं कहीं पतलून की साइड जेब  या कमीज़ की सामने वाली
Love, Sushi and Other Confessions

Love, Sushi and Other Confessions

Sushi Controversy  coffee tastes better with rum, and sushi is absolutely not made for my taste
When you first shatter

When You First Shatter

When you are born into an illusion, it feels wrong when you first shatter it. You
termite, exhale

Termite & Exhale

TW: Death, Suicide, Self-harm You are a termite, You make a fortress around me, Make me

Is it ever enough?

Years of patriarchal trauma and guilt bitterness filling the vessel constantly sinking the feeling of trying
Two Waves

Two Waves

Two waves born; sunlight’s mercy and moonlight’s sin, we were two hearbeats  of the turquoise sea.
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