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2020: An Offbeat Felicity

2020: An Offbeat Felicity 

On the morning of December 29, to calm the tingling nostalgia, I was  rummaging through the
Courting through covid

COVID दरम्यान डेटिंग

#Translation #Marathi You can read the original piece in English by Pritika Datta titled ‘Courting through
Live-In Relationships

પેંડેમિક દરમિયાન લિવ-ઇન રિલેશનશિપ 

#Translation #Gujarati You can read the original piece in English by Sayali Ranadive titled ‘Being in
A Pandemic of Pretense

A Pandemic of Pretense: How We Are Facing a Crisis of Authenticity

This piece “A Pandemic of Pretense” was rejected by The Print, The Wire and Jacobin. Humanity

Meditations on Grief and Loss: Losing a Parent During the Pandemic

Rejected by The Hindu and Scroll, “Grief” journals the author’s grieving process after she lost her

In Conversation with the Founders of Rocky Books

The journey of creating Rocky Books as co-founders and with our illustrator Arpita has been fun
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