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Mother, I feel like I’m in your womb again now that I’m 23

Looking back at the blurry recollections of my teenage years, I see a rage burning so

मैं क्यों नहीं चाहता कि मेरी बेटी का कोई सबसे अच्छा दोस्त हो?

#Translation #Hindi You can read the original piece in English by Sangeetha Bhaskaran titled “Why I
Divine Mother Artwork

The Divine Mother: Rediscovering Travel as a New Mom

The room is still dark. The automatic blinds had been triggered at some point while I
New Mom Diaries: Photograph for Of Wishes, Gratitude, Hope

New Mom Diaries: Of Wishes, Gratitude and Hope

This personal essay titled “Of Wishes, Gratitude and Hope” is part of the ‘New Mom Diaries’
Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

I am of love and roots and everything in between. As the yellow ochre of the

Maa, I Love You

Sometimes when I am happy, I forget to write; I haven’t written in two months. Come
Why i don't want my daughter to have a best friend

Why I Don’t Want My Daughter to Have a Best Friend

You can also read this piece in Hindi now, brought to you by our wonderful Hindi
Sea Salted Caramel

Sea Salted Caramel

I came to the kitchenTo chop tomatoesBut my mother said,You dice them,Like rolling your fate across,A
New Mom Diaries: Making a Mother

New Mom Diaries: Making a Mother

This poem titled ‘Making a Mother’ is part of the ‘New Mom Diaries’ series. The day

New Mom Diaries: Disrepair

This personal essay titled ‘Disrepair’ is part of the ‘New Mom Diaries’ series. As I enter
How does it feel to be a mom?

New Mom Diaries: How Does It Feel to be a Mom?

In this candid piece titled “New Mom Diaries: How Does It Feel to be a Mom?”

Blasphemy: Exploring Religion through Art – Part 2

Title: Madonna Covid Year: 2022 Materials: Watercolours, colour pencils, pastels on paper Size: 33x24cm Artist Statement:
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