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You’re Not Okay! And That’s Okay

Have you ever tried to hug yourself? C’mon, give it a try! Take your right arm
Name and Sweet Nothings

Bharti. Stay. Stay. Stay.

TW: Suicide and Self Harm I wonder if people think about themselves in the third person.
A Lonely Monologue

A Lonely Monologue 

I stepped out of my house after a week, can’t say that I liked it, it
termite, exhale

Termite & Exhale

TW: Death, Suicide, Self-harm You are a termite, You make a fortress around me, Make me
mental health

Mental Health: Bridges & An Open Letter to Parents

As it is said by Mehmet Murat, “Bridges symbolize change and flexibility! They show us this
Excerpt from Hidden Faces

An Excerpt from Hidden Faces: A Compelling Non-Fiction Account of Early-Stage Recovery

Hidden Faces is a story based on real events. It follows Jasmine through her journey after

Imprisoned by the Imagined

Scabrous; talons, fangs and prongs Beautiful, fabled though it were not  Colossal, it was that which
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