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Are Women Lifelong Liabilities, Raised for Captivity?

“I finally saw myself through my parents’ eyes: a lifelong burden they have carried, which they
Bridegrrom matrimonial ad

Bridegroom Wanted: A Matrimonial Ad for Myself

At 30, I wouldn’t consider myself too old or too young. At 30, I am not
New Mom Diaries: Photograph for Of Wishes, Gratitude, Hope

New Mom Diaries: Of Wishes, Gratitude and Hope

This personal essay titled “Of Wishes, Gratitude and Hope” is part of the ‘New Mom Diaries’
Rethinking the Tradition of Marriage

विवाहको परम्परालाई पुर्नविचार गर्दै

Rethinking Marriage
Live-In Relationships

પેંડેમિક દરમિયાન લિવ-ઇન રિલેશનશિપ 

#Translation #Gujarati You can read the original piece in English by Sayali Ranadive titled ‘Being in

What is Our Idea of Love?

Dressed in vibrant colours, these pages daily thrust upon me the idea of how all love

A Triad

She smiled at Sam, and a moment later planted a kiss on the corner of his
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