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Bridegrrom matrimonial ad

Bridegroom Wanted: A Matrimonial Ad for Myself

At 30, I wouldn’t consider myself too old or too young. At 30, I am not …

New Mom Diaries: Photograph for Of Wishes, Gratitude, Hope

New Mom Diaries: Of Wishes, Gratitude and Hope

This personal essay titled “Of Wishes, Gratitude and Hope” is part of the ‘New Mom Diaries’ …

Rethinking the Tradition of Marriage

विवाहको परम्परालाई पुर्नविचार गर्दै

Rethinking Marriage

Live-In Relationships

પેંડેમિક દરમિયાન લિવ-ઇન રિલેશનશિપ 

#Translation #Gujarati You can read the original piece in English by Sayali Ranadive titled ‘Being in …

What is Our Idea of Love?

Dressed in vibrant colours, these pages daily thrust upon me the idea of how all love …

A Triad

She smiled at Sam, and a moment later planted a kiss on the corner of his …

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