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Embrace your inner blahcksheep

Embrace Your Inner Blahcksheep: Dance, Sing, and Live Every Moment

There comes a time in life when winning doesn’t seem important. You don’t feel the need
Wandering among clouds, hills

Wandering Among Clouds, Hills and Everything in Between

This personal essay “Wandering Among Clouds, Hills and Everything in Between” was rejected by Live Wire.
Yuko Shimizu's artwork for The CTA of Death

The CTA of Death: How My Grandmother’s Death Changed My Perspective on Life

I love the song Seventeen Going Under by British artist Sam Fender. These particular lyrics really
life of simpio

Life of Simpio: The AI That Questioned Existence

In 34th century Mumbai, the Indian Robotics Division creates an AI – called Simpio – modelled
Of Legless Boys, Arsonists and Oud 

Of Legless Boys, Arsonists and Oud 

Every day on my way to work I see one of the several amputees who languish
When you first shatter

When You First Shatter

When you are born into an illusion, it feels wrong when you first shatter it. You
Reflection on Afterlife

Of Stars, Souls and Songs: Reflections On Afterlife

What if instead of fearing the afterlife driven by our horrors of death, we remembered it
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