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Love, Sushi and Other Confessions

Love, Sushi and Other Confessions

Sushi Controversy  coffee tastes better with rum, and sushi is absolutely not made for my taste …

Peas Kachories

Grandma’s Pride: The Making of Peas Kachoris

My childhood memories are entangled with the distinct aroma of my grandmother’s special home-cooked Peas Kachoris …

Bhunja Ki Dukaan

Bhunja ki Dukaan: An Exploration of Bihar’s Rich Food Culture and Gender Politics

This piece was rejected by other publications and platforms that found it “interesting but not good …

Palate Trekker Ep 3: A Table in the Hills

Meet Aditya Malhotra of the Palate Trekker

Inspired by Anthony Bourdain, Globe Trekker and Chefs Table, Palate Trekker is all about flavours, food, …

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