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Agnes Varda

France in the Films of Agnès Varda

A pioneer of the “French New Wave,” second-wave feminist and photographer, Agnès Varda’s films blurred the

This Character in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and Not Salman Khan, Is the Real Star of the Film

“With her limited screen time, Rashika leaves a profound impact on the film. Bajrangi Bhaijaan would have

The Soft Masculinity of Imran Khan & Why We Miss It

If you keenly follow Bollywood news and memes on Instagram, you must’ve seen a certain hashtag

5 Must-Watch Films from South Asia that Tackle Gender-based Violence

In this listicle, we present 5 remarkable South Asian films that tackle the pervasive issue of
Court poster

Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court (2014): A Postmodern Critique of the Indian Judicial System 

This essay on Chaitanya Tamhane’s film ‘Court’ was published by Film Companion in September last year
The Debutante, An Animation Film by Elizabeth Hobbs

Here’s All You Need to Know About Elizabeth Hobbs, Director of the 2023 Oscar Shortlisted Animation Film – The Debutante

Elizabeth Hobbs celebrates Carrington’s riveting story ‘The Debutante’ with an inventive artistic style of ink, paint
I am not a witch

‘मी चेटकीण नाही’ डॉक्युमेंटरी फिल्म डायरेक्टर सोमनाथ वाघमारे यांची मुलाखत

“मी स्वतःला एक संशोधक आणि कार्यकर्ता चित्रपट निर्माता म्हणून पाहतो. चित्रपट निर्मिती ही माझ्यासाठी वेदनादायक प्रक्रिया
Spiderman Fan art Poster

5 Reasons Why the New Spiderman Film is No Way Good

An Honest Film Review of Spiderman: No Way Home Spiderman: No Way Home has been the
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