What is Love?


What is Love?
Couple Making Love by Kitagawa Utamaro

L-O-V-E. This four letter word carries a lot of emotions within. Love is like water – you can see it, feel it and touch it without having to experience it, thankfully. Love, like water, is versatile, takes up different forms and truly imbibes its essence. It is infinite and boundless, intimate; also distant, transparent yet mysterious. Its depth scares you but the deeper you are willing to dive, the more beautiful it becomes. 

Beneath all the fantasized and romanticized façade lies an honest emotion that makes the  world a better place. Love transcends the list of all man-made things, probably the origin of  humanity too. Love is not a single element or feeling but a multitude of traits layered one after the other, a culmination of the best things in the world that are free of cost. Love isn’t an exclusive emotion; it cohabitates with a lot of other traits and borrows the best of each. Love is like, love is respect, love is  care, love is acceptance, love is sometimes letting go, love is anything and everything.  

Love is best left to imagination, making it even easier for people who have never been in love to feel it. Love is like a snowflake, there are no two versions which are alike. Love is intriguing to talk about as a theory or concept. It is even more difficult to apply because with applications comes complications. But does love complicate things? Love is not complex but people are. Love for the most part is a misunderstood concept. It simplifies things but since love is an ambiguous notion, we often associate a lot of negative elements with it. We say things we regret, claiming it to be love and we commit acts we should be ashamed of under the garb of love.  

The beauty of love is that it is ambiguous and doesn’t weigh on itself. Love, like God, has two versions – the one that is and the one we perceive. Everyone perceives love in a different  way and every representation is valid, as long as it is genuine and doesn’t hurt another soul because love in its innate nature cannot be used as a weapon to hurt someone. The influence of love varies from person to person, it can make you weak or strong. It really depends on you as love, like water, takes the form of the object that holds it. 

Everyone loves something – some love people, some love material things, some love money, some love power but if you cross the line, it transforms into something ugly – obsession. And the chaos created by obsession cannot be contained. Love then is the beautiful chaos that drives this world. It is the closest to magic we will ever get as human beings. You don’t try to control love but rather let it flow as it transports you to a world full of magic and miracles.

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Kamalavinayagam G.

Kamalavinayagam G. calls herself an ‘escapist’. She believes that all blahs may not be great ideas but all great ideas were once blahs.


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