In Loving Memory Of: A Zine


I made this zine as a response to isolation. I couldn’t come to terms with some things that had happened to me, I couldn’t find the words for it, nor could I find any outlet. Our worlds had changed so dramatically within a span of a few months and I was still reeling with nostalgia, loneliness and desire. This zine was a small attempt to centre myself. 

Zine 2
Zine 3
Zine 4
Zine 5
Zine 6
Zine 7
zine 8
Zine 9
Zine 11
Zine 12
Zine 13


If you enjoyed browsing through this piece, check out THIS cool guide to create your own zine.

In Loving Memory Of By Kartikey Tripathi

Kartikey Tripathi

Kartikey is a writer, researcher and communications professional from New Delhi. He is a postgraduate in Media and Cultural studies from TISS, Mumbai. His research interests include gender, literary criticism and affect theory. In his free time, he likes to cycle around, and solve sudoku puzzles.  


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