Uterus, Throbbing, in Pain, is Transgenerational Trauma

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Underwear Uterus:

A Woman’s used Underwear is a fetish or a Uterus, throbbing, in pain, in transgenerational trauma, in pleasure, in anxiety, in shame, in fear, in passion, in ambiguity, in unanswered questions, in birthing, nourishing, enduring, still living on…

Stained Pants:

We are All but a Woman’s unleaked Menstrual Blood. 

Blood as Sindoor

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Wall Woman:

You ain’t a Wallflower Girl, You are a Wildflower! 

Satya edited

Satya SG

Satya is a teacher of creative writing and art, business consultant, yoga and meditation enthusiast, healer, actor and dancer. She is an anti-caste, intersectional feminist who loves oceans and forests.


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