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Homme assis ‘Seated Man 1914 by Roger de la Fresnaye Roger de La Fresnaye
Homme assis (‘Seated Man,’ 1914) by Roger de la Fresnaye

Among the pile of treaties, likes of Versailles
a decree must be issued
to the men at the helm to better comply,
to be qualified to lead
to get certified…
for having been working on their mental health cries

no flashing of their tiny dicks in a fit of rage,
no drawing-room dramas played onto the geopolitical stage,
no projection of unresolved traumas,
no wars being waged.

to truly serve, to lead,
you must heal
of all you are afraid…

the world’s suffered enough of men’s whims
their pains and their policies
their emotions all over the place,

for the world to be functional, let alone thrive
the leaders will need help to summon
their inner guides,
an old, unhealed man over a pile of corpses
the reality of the world today,
but it still
is a blood-chilling sight…

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Rachit Sharma

Rachit is a poet, facilitator, and obsessive napper. He’s been a part of the social sector for almost a decade now, spending the past half a decade working with Youth Alliance, a non-profit organization that facilitates transformational journeys of (un) learning, healing, and enquiry for youth leaders. He curates his life experiences along the lines of “if you keep searching for beauty in the world, you will eventually become it”. Rachit spent his early years working with tribal communities and grassroots organizations in remote regions of Mizoram and Chhattisgarh. As a research fellow at the Dignity in Difference Project, he’s building the capacity to identify factors, causes, and consequences of hate speech in the South Asian context.


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