Disciplinary Meeting with HR 


the truth tumbles out only during 

quarterly team parties; 

as freely as the free alcohol mixed with feeble talks of unicorns and 2022’s 30 under 30.

The next big thing is VR-AR or something. 


as the Bombay skyline devours, 

regurgitating more tech parks and Pichai two-point-oh’s it swallows; whole,

gaon and gaonwaale, 

spits us all out to be a part of the grand-brand-product. 


I look at the nest I built, the skin I shed 

in this polished, chlorinated, neat-cut-cubicle, 

and think of the lure 

of all access gym memberships and 24/7 open pantry, 

I see I was promised the same exact thing as everybody else. 

And we fell for it. 

All these suited-booted-access keyed associates. 

These assistants and hungry interns. 

All the sellers and customer servicers. 

All of us in the same booze-boat. 

Nevertheless, she said, you cannot call your manager a dickbag.

NayanaGupta Photograph

Nayana Gupta

Nayana is a visual artist and writer based out of Kolkata.


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