2020: An Offbeat Felicity 

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On the morning of December 29, to calm the tingling nostalgia, I was  rummaging through the graphic memories of 2020. Every year begins with unfledged hopes and juvenile dreams that are aced to some satisfactory degree by the end of it but the year 2020 was different for everybody.  

As I was flipping through those images, I was suddenly overwhelmed. Not because of what they could not be but WHAT WE MADE THEM, A HAPPY YET STRANGE MEMORY TO BRAG ABOUT TO THE POSTERITY. 

As a species that, while in the present, always looks back on the past and only thinks of the future, we were obviously taken back with shock and horror by the unprecedented events of 2020.  

We watched with our eyes wide open as that year put all of our marvellous plans in a box, crushed it under a giant boulder, soaked the pieces in gasoline, set them on fire, and then blew a strong wind over the ashes so that not even a single part of it could be traced by us.  

Since the past reminds us of rain-washed dreams, and the future is truly  uncertain to focus on anything, the present seemed to be the only option. The unpredictable and never-ending erratic blows of 2020 forced us all to BE IN THE PRESENT. 

Watching old TV shows, binge-watching over Netflix, cooking and eating 24/7, board games with family, playing with filters on photo editing apps with mom, cleaning with dad, dance routines in the living room with sisters, badminton in the lobby by pushing all the furniture in one side… getting started with the online classes for playing that guitar which was bought many years ago, not rushing through the festivities in two days to get back to the job, trying those home remedies for glowing skin, waking up without an alarm (probably around noon), meetings on zoom in the same sweatpants that we wore to bed last night, indulging in hobbies…  

If this is what the present looks like then why did we spend all that time chasing and obsessing over a ‘supposedly’ beautiful tomorrow? We wish, every moment, to have this gift of time with our loved ones and ourselves. However, when we were blessed with it, we expressed our gratitude with IRONY. 

Looking back, we thought everything peculiar and vicious was born that year. Only our actions can set things in motion. We did not realize that some things were out of place for a long time, but they chose to come out of the shadows just then.  

And yet with witty solutions, unimaginable practicality, smart  adjustability, bold hope, and unwavering kindness, we smashed every  stone that was pushed our way while we were busy writing our versions of ‘HOW TO SURVIVE 2020.’  

Therefore, before we said a quick and long awaited bye-bye to ‘The year of the pandemic’ on the new year’s eve, it was important for us to remember that although we despised 2020 (let’s call it what it is), it had been a blessing in disguise to help remember our strong and capable selves.  

It gave us that precious time we wished for so many years to spend as we please for however long with our loved ones.  

It taught us to be thankful for what we have, and even that which we do not possess because it will not diminish our chance at finding happiness.  

‘2020’ inspired an optimist in everyone. It was as hopeful as it was sombre. It became a tale of absurdities mixed with courage and kindness.  


Nisha Abrill

I am a blogger with a knack for the unusual. With my writing, I explore the other side of any story/event which is seen but hardly ever noticed. “To hold a pen is to be at war,”  Voltaire was right, and I’m no stranger to it. With my pen, I aspire to be at war with those who say “off-key chores cannot find its place within the halls of music.” I wish to push that side which is ‘different,’ which is not abnormal or ugly, rather ‘a beautiful melody.’ You can read my blog here.


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