Artwork by Eloïse Heinzer

If you want

To love someone

You have to let them be free

And if they are not a free person

You have to let them be

Let them flutter in

And flutter out

(Like a butterfly)

Let them pitter in

And patter out

(Like a drizzle)

Let them snow themselves inside

Their own bubble

(Wait outside)

Leave a flower by their snowed in doorstep

And when the footsteps you leave

Disappear when it snows more

Let them

Leave no trace

Remember their face

Love them in memory

Love them in the only place they will always be

Love gently

And if you happen to leave a scar 

(Because that happens sometimes)

Kiss it, and leave

The wind will take care

Put your cloak on

Let it snow


If you want to love someone

You must be free

MITRA 27 1

Mitra Visveswaran

Mitra is a 23-year-old poet from Chennai, India. She is a student of psychology, lives by the sea, and likes to write about relationships, emotions, desire, and the body. She identifies as a cat sometimes.


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