i hate the world on most days

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i am trying to cut down on sugar

and stay away from emotionally unavailable men

what is it with this city’s weather and chapped foot heels

i have severe trust issues with people and foot cream

where to go for an ounce of peace

work is horrendous at times

but free coffee makes up for it

the neon coloured vans t-shirt has four holes in it

was it the cheap detergent or was it me trying to find ways to leave the body behind

i cancel on my friends every week

to not let them see how crooked and sick the mind has become

is it from seeking too much validation from a twenty five year old who i just met

is it the abandonment issues taking shape

i drink too much beer and later crib about the bulging belly

i finally learned how to gulp down pills after twenty three years

i am learning to gulp down failure

i hate the world on most days

i think about summer and sweat

creepy, stupid men who want nothing but sex

want to dig myself a grave and rest

then at night i close my eyes

everything stops moving

a moment’s peace

we sleep

until the sun rises and we join in

with the bandwagon of a maddening crowd


running, running and running

but not reaching anywhere

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Saheen Rahman

Saheen is a content writer in an ad agency, with a postgraduate degree in communication studies. She finds beauty in monotony and in run-of-the-mill things. She wants her work to be a voice of rebellion, a sword for change, a lifeboat to save someone else from drowning. Saheen strongly believes that art is in everything, big and small and that we only need the unavoidable and insatiable hunger to find it. Her work has been earlier published in Alipore Post, Poems India, Live Wire, Terribly Tiny Tales and Indian Sahitya Akademi.


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