An Ode to My Playlists


An Ode To My Playlist
Artwork by Oleh Harlamov

“On our final drags of air we agree, I was and you were happy.”- Josefien

The evening sun adds more shape and colour to my otherwise empty room.
I’m the sole inhabitant here
My woes and my joys
Simply my own.
Have you ever been swallowed by silence?
It’s a brooding creature
Weighing down on your heart.
Waiting for you to sleep to take away what little light you held.
A person can only stay awake for so long.

“If the world was ending you’d come over right?”- JP Saxe, Julia Michaels

The Christmas lights are still on from an apartment across my house.
Red – I realise I will never be enough for my greedy self
Blue – I wish my voice won’t crack every time I tell my mother “everything is okay amma”
Yellow – I wonder if my fathers face would have more wrinkles than when I last met his eyes.

“How could I know one day I would wake up feeling more?”- V

She watches him as she walks along the street hiding behind her mothers shawl.
The boy notices the brown eyes rimmed with kohl.
He must at least strike a four.
“Out” hollers his friends.
He hears her laugh.
A moment of joy before the bomb turns his lover into light.

“Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I’ll try to fix you”- Coldplay

I find it easier to love people who have become memories
Grief, the only form of love I understand.
What would you remember me by?
All that I did or all that I failed to do?
Some lives rearrange the world
And some others carry the weight of that change.
When we meet again
I’ll tell you,

“The universe would be nothing if it didn’t have specks like you and me.”


Gayatri Ramanezhuth

Gayatri is a B.Com graduate pursuing CS in Kochi. She is passionate about writing as it is the easiest way for her to express herself. Embroidery is the only other passion in life. You can find her instagram @nay_roast


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