रेज़गारी, समय, 

प्रेम, अभिलाषा 

पड़े हैं कहीं

पतलून की साइड जेब 

या कमीज़ की सामने वाली

ड्रेसिंग टेबल की दराज़ 

तकिये के नीचे 

भगवान् के सामने 

ब्लॉउस के बटुए में

कहीं भी डाली 

जब खर्च करना होगा

तब मिलेंगे नहीं

अभी मिले हैं 

तो रख कर

भूल गये


Shubhshree Mathur

Shubhshree is a storyteller and design educator from Kota, Rajasthan currently based in Bangalore. She is a tea lover, bibliophile and as outgoing as a houseplant. Being a professional illustrator, she predominantly uses visual and text together to create meaning and conversations from the mundane around her. Her personal context finds refuge in things like a clothes pin or bathroom slipper, and that is the kind of vernacular association that makes the writing awkwardly relatable. During her industry experience of 7-8 years, she has also delved into research, branding and writing. She hopes to write and make her own books someday!


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