Not Your Perfect Child

Not Your Perfect Child

I can tell you that growing up queer in an orthodox household has not been a
Let the World Know that I am Not Straight

Let the World Know That I Am Not Straight

For many years I was confused. My ideals and expressions were ridiculed. I did not know
Editor’s Life

Editor’s Life

People imagine me to be gainfully and happily occupied, editing and re-writing submissions most of the
Mumbai Experience

Mumbai Experience

This short story mocks the famous ‘Mumbai Darshan’, and cynically subverts what it means to be


Once upon a time in the Equinea poor stallion and a mare dinegrass hay and corn;
Split blood

Spilt Blood

This is a poem about someone Shanaya lost. Sometimes, I’d be strolling around some place,My own
A Woman's Agency: A Casualty of Politics of Birth?

A Woman’s Agency: A Casualty of Politics of Birth?

Women in India are exposed to a triple whammy. The politics of birth that is deeply
I’m done, Mami (An Unsent Letter to my Mother)

I’m Done, Mami: An Unsent Letter to My Mother

You’re no mother. Yes, you gave birth to me (which you reminded me of on each
Four Elements

To Defy the Laws of Tradition

In my current work, I find myself drawn to the use of metallic, iridescent, and fluorescent
Dreaming of peru

Dreaming of Peru

Ghosh woke up in a haste. He rushed to his right and turned on the lamp.
bholu the elephant

Story of Bholu, The Elephant

In the year of 2002, much to the delight of a young elephant called Bholu, a
Caste and the Workplace: The Need for Corporates to Recognize Caste

Caste at the Workplace: Why Corporates Need to Recognise Caste

Editor’s Note: This research article on the need for corporates to recognise caste at the workplace
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