A Toast to Myself

A Toast to Myself

So, it’s been a year since I began my journey with mySELF. I highlight the word
Before daylight

Before Daylight

This piece was rejected by Midnight Magazine, a literary magazine. I found myself helplesslyMaking out figures


Trapped in the 2×2 bathroom stallOf my 4 storey office building,I wipe my tears.“Tap! Tap!” someone
Monty Kaku’s Pension Fund

Monty Kaku’s Pension Fund

A fertilizer factory in Durgapur facing political tensions, abruptly shuts down one day. Small quarters are
Warriors Of All Time

Warriors Of All Time

Service,For the Greater GoodKill, for your nationShed blood to be rememberedOnly when you are in your
spoken word

Spoken Word

#1 Slut, Bitch, Whore and Many More If a woman sleeps with a manwhen she’s unmarriedshe
Wassily Kandinsky/Wikimedia Commons


His beige worn out shirt,with patches of “accidents”marked by paint strokesand the touch of sadnesshanging by
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living by Damien Hirst


#1 I want my last words to be“Please switch off the lights.”I want to die a
A person pouring a glass of wine

Fine Wines Under ₹2k

Is wine your favorite beverage? Are you planning to start with wine or are a wine
Cryptic Cryptocurrency Creeps

Cryptocurrency for a New World

‘The New World is coming. How can we make it loving and kind?’ You can now
Not Your Perfect Child

Not Your Perfect Child

I can tell you that growing up queer in an orthodox household has not been a
Let the World Know that I am Not Straight

Let the World Know That I Am Not Straight

For many years I was confused. My ideals and expressions were ridiculed. I did not know
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