Are Women Lifelong Liabilities, Raised for Captivity?

“I finally saw myself through my parents’ eyes: a lifelong burden they have carried, which they

Finding Jagatpura: My Welcome Back to India!

“For me, that day lives forever. The constant fuel of inspiration for my work with young

A Repository of Hands I Love

1. Hands of a new lover, unsure yet wanting.  2. The tarot card reader’s hands, as

Wildflowers are Just Humans in a Parallel Universe

See those tiny, colourful blooms sitting unbothered on the peaks? Yeah, the ones growing between the
the watchmaker

The Watchmaker

It was July, and the last of the warm Gulmohur shards scythed the sultry Delhi air
Hasan Minhaj

Opinion: Hasan Minhaj’s Controversy Reflects A Wider Representation Issue

Racism and experiences of it should not be commodified or exploited for the sake of gaining

 The Final Judgement

everything the female body is, wants to be, and cannot be // everything the female body
scales, deadlines

On Scales and Deadlines

A writer shares her weight related anxiety while navigating new relationships. It gets frosty in December.

Deconstructing Derrida’s ‘Deconstruction Theory’

Philosophy is the natural inquiry into human knowledge and the existence of realities in order to

Meet Prerna Jain: An Indian Trailblazer Making her Mark in STEM in America

#WomenInSTEM As a Senior Translational Scientist at Tempus Labs, Prerna is currently specializing in analyzing cancer

The Soft Masculinity of Imran Khan & Why We Miss It

If you keenly follow Bollywood news and memes on Instagram, you must’ve seen a certain hashtag
Qala film mad-woman trope

Mothers being Murderers: Qala and the Politics of Women-led Patriarchy

Directed by Anvita Dutt Guptan, the mind behind 2020’s Bulbbul, comes another Netflix film, Qala. The
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