Palate Trekker Ep 3: A Table in the Hills

Watch the Palate Trekker’s latest Episode 3: Table in the Hills here:

Table in the Hills was shot in South Goa with Chef Avinash Martins who owns and runs the restaurant Cavatina (name inspired by a jazz piece that took his breath away during his time in Spain). Avinash’s motto in life is “local heart, global soul.”

The day started with a visit to a local farm where the chef sources his ingredients from and then we moved to his ancestral property located in the serene hills of South Goa, aptly named “Table in the Hills”. Here, we paired some wines with his rustic Goan cuisine and had a lovely conversation around it. We also tasted Avinash’s self brewed Cashew Feni which was to die for. For the uninitiated, the Goan Feni is a local spirit that has been granted a Geographical Indication tag by the Indian Government.

More About the Palate Trekker Series:

Palate Trekker is all about flavours, be it food or beverage, people and conversations. It has four principles – flavour, philosophy, exploration and technique. Each episode revolves around food and wine pairing. Since food and wine pairing is more subjective than scientific, we first meet the chefs and owners, interview them, follow them around local markets, and understand their history, philosophy and technique. And then pair some wine with the food. The goal of Palate Trekker is to explore extraordinary flavours around the world and suggest the most perfect wine to go along with it.

Palate Trekker Ep 3: A Table in the Hills

Aditya Malhotra

Aditya, our Livestock Rearer is a voracious eater, alcohol enthusiast, certified sommelier and risk taker, AKA The Palate Trekker. You can read more about his professional journey here.


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